I love finding that sweet spot between
UX, business, and tech.
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My Proficiency Ratings

  • Content Management
  • HTML5 CSS3 JQuery
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver

A little about me

I'm a creative design enthusiast based out of Toronto, ON, Canada. While my heart lies in the digital world, I have an educational background in business which provides me with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurial activities. When I'm not coding/designing, you can find me interacting in the Lockergnome Community, exploring new destinations, or watching Top Gear.

Things I am experienced in

My Passion

I'm experienced in UX Design and Content Management, and passionate about my work. I love collaborative environments and being part of a team. For me, every project is a mission, not a job. I envision and make reality.

My Approach

I research every aspect of the project at hand. I spend time critically breaking down the concepts, usability aspects and processes to create a solution within the clients' budget.


UX makes or breaks a product. A well designed and thought out product will yield rewards constantly and consistently. I use the necessary tools and incorporate best practices to better the User Experience by utilizing screen designs, user task flows, wireframs, and much more.


The knowledge I have gained by attending the Odette School of Business for my Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree allows me to incorporate my business know-how to ensure maximum Return-On-Investment. I am able to bridge technical and business worlds as I design technologies with engineers, developers, sales, marketing and finance experts.


As a designer and developer, I have the ability to communicate complex technical ideas, regardless of the technical capacity of the audience. I am able to rapidly analyze and implement complex solutions for systems and processes in close collaboration with development teams.